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The Help Desk

We have a Help Desk in Dewsbury Library Wednesdays from 6th to 27th September 2017 1.00 – 2.30 p.m.

You can also obtain information by ringing 07842284778 or 07842296419.

Our e-mail address is:

A Newsletter is issued to every member each October and January, giving updated information. The local press publish our events.

Whilst the Third Age advertises as much as possible, the best advertisement is your recommendation.

NOTE   We are strenuously seeking new Tutors or Leaders in subjects of interest to our members. We apologise for the fact that several classes are full.

Where groups have a waiting list, if a member does not attend for three consecutive meetings without informing the tutor, they may be deemed no longer to wish to attend that group.


Fees 2017 – 18

Third Age’s Membership Year runs from 1st September to 31st August in the following year.

Because of rising room hire costs, it is necessary to increase fees this year. The increase, the first since 2011, has been kept to the absolute minimum needed to cover expenses.

It is necessary to pay a new membership for each year. The membership fee (£5) is payable at the same time as the enrolment fee (£12) for the first class, totalling £17. Additional classes and terms will be charged at £12 per term.

An enrolment fee of £2, in addition to the membership fee, is payable for the Walking Group, to cover both terms. An enrolment fee of £5, to cover both terms, is paid direct to the Luncheon Club with the first lunch booking, in addition to the membership fee. An enrolment fee of £6 for the whole year, in addition to the membership fee, is charged for the Book Club. A fee of £12 to cover two terms will be payable for the Music Appreciation class, which meets fortnightly.

Since there is no membership card or number, it is essential that the receipt is retained and presented at the first session of each class.


Third Age Events 2018

3rd & 4th March        Oakwell Hall Exhibition

2nd July 2 p.m.            Annual General Meeting at Dewsbury Town Hall