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1). 2018/19 Course Programme

    The Term Dates for 2018/19 will be:

  • Autumn 2018: Monday October 1st-Friday December 7th 2018
  • Spring 2019: Monday January 7th - Friday March 15th 2019 Monday
  • Autumn 2019: October 7th - Friday December 13th 2019
Our 2018/19 Course Programme is now available. See our Classes Page for more information.

We are introducing some new classes (below). Use the Contact Form to register your interest.

a) Making Collectable Teddy Bears.

Teddy Bear Making Would you like to learn how to make one of these adorable bears? New course starting October 2018.
    The course covers:
  • Fabrics – selecting the right fabric for the bear
  • Patterns – how to copy and trace onto fabric
  • Cutting out
  • Sewing pieces together
  • Constructing the bear – cotter pin and other types of joints
  • Creating the face – noses, ears, eyes
  • Finishing touches - shading

b)Interior Design.

If you have ever watched a make-over program on the Television and thought "I can do better than that", then this ten week course is just for you. Come along and discover the fascinating world of "Interior Design". You can find out some tricks of the trade and also learn some interesting facts about home embellishment along the way. After all the cave paintings of France and Spain were some of the earliest forms of home decorating.


  • A Newsletter is issued to every member each October and January, giving updated information.
  • The local press publish our events.

Our Tutors

All our helpers are voluntary, including tutors, on whom we are totally dependent. We offer our grateful thanks to all of them.
Would you like to be a Tutor/Leader? There are no qualifications required. You only need a love of your subject and a wish to help others lead a fuller life.